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How To Scrape Ice Off A Windshield

As we approach the beginning of October, drivers who have Bend Oregon car insurance know that it’s only going to get colder and eventually there will be days where we will see our share of ice and snow.

If you’re new to the area and have never went outside on a winter morning, only to find your vehicle covered with ice or snow, this post will provide you with tips on how to properly clean ice from your windshield.

Go Slow

The natural tendency with ice on a windshield is to grab the scrapper and start scraping it off. This is a mistake because, scraping ice of a windshield, quickly, can easily damage the windshield of any vehicle, the key to success is to go slow and follow these steps:

  • Start your vehicles engine and allow your engine to warm up; while the engine is warming up, turn your defroster on its low setting and let it defrost for at least one minute.
  • Use an ice scraper to gently scrape away any ice that’s on your windshield. If you don’t own a scraper, you can easily find them for sale at area stores like Wal-Mart and have one ready for when winter does finally arrive.

What Not To Do

Never use kitchen utensils like salad tongs or something from your drawer when cleaning ice from a windshield, always use equipment that’s designed for properly clearing ice away because, you can easily damage your windshield and will have to replace it.

For those days when it looks like the ice is impossible to scrape away, you can use sea salt to melt the ice on your windshield before you start to scrape the ice off. You can also mix rubbing alcohol or vinegar with water and use this mixture to spray on your windshield to help with easily removing ice as well.

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