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How Central Oregon Companies Can Reinforce Corporate Policy And Stay Connected With Employees

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With 2013 right around the corner many companies are choosing this time of year to review their policies and procedures for the coming year to make sure that all employees are on the right track and following company policies.

What Is The Company Policy?

One of the biggest reasons why some Central Oregon companies have problems with their employees is because those companies never gave new employees handbooks with company policies or the employees that were given employee handbooks received them so long ago that those policies have been forgotten.

Regardless of how long employees have been with a company the key to success is to refresh the memories of employees by giving them an employee handbook in January of every year, spend one day to go over the handbook with all employees and then make each employee signs off on a form stating that they agree with company standards.

This strategy will insure that company standards are always fresh in the mind of employees and not enable any employee to say that they forgot or never saw the employee handbook.

Reinforce With Signs

Once employees have received the company handbook and signed off on a form stating that they will abide by company policy, the next step is to reinforce company policy by posting signs around the work area to remind employees to do things like: wash hands, document everything, focus on customer service etc.

Simple signs can go a long way at reminding hardworking employees and also eliminate the excuse than an employee forgot what the company policy was regarding a certain issue.

Hold Regular Meetings

Another key to success with enforcing company policy is to hold regular meetings, at least every two weeks to talk about company policy and insure that all employees are on the same “page” and understand company procedure.

Besides being the opportunity for the company management to review company policy with employees, regular meetings can also be an opportunity for management in any Central Oregon company to re-connect with employees, learn more about potential issues going on with employees and brain storm new ideas that can help the company to grow.

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