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Honda, Nissan And Toyota In Massive Recall – Will Oregon Residents Be Affected?

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Oregon residents who own a vehicle that was made by Toyota should be watching their mail for a recall notice in the coming weeks especially if they purchased a Matrix, Corolla or Toyota Camry in the early 2000’s because, the auto maker announced today that it’s going to recall around 2 million of it’s vehicles due to more problems with their airbags.

Honda And Nissan Announcing Recalls Too

Toyota’s recall announcement today was followed by Honda and Nissan announcing recalls of their own as well; both auto makers will be recalling over 1 million vehicles total for issues like faulty airbag inflators in the passenger side of their vehicles.

Should We Be Concerned?

Anyone who is concerned about insurance, or follows Toyota news, knows that this automaker has issued recalls over the last three years and their current recall is the latest in a line of recalls which many industry experts feel will only further sour the automakers name as it’s still struggling to recover from the last wave of recalls and the repercussions from the tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.

Automakers Taking It In Stride

Auto makers like Honda have continued to take the recalls in stride and have even seen it as business as usual; Honda announced recently that it wasn’t aware of any injuries or deaths that resulted in their airbag defects and Toyota echoed a similar tone by pointing responsibility for the faulty airbags back on the airbag manufacturer: Takata Corp, hopefully both car makers will fix the vehicles currently involved in these latest recalls and give owners of Toyota’s and Honda’s more peace of mind.

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