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Homeowners Insurance – Learn More About This Important Form Of Oregon Insurance

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If you own a home in Oregon, you know that it’s important to have homeowners insurance but, sadly, very few people actually know what their homeowners insurance policy covers and especially why they might be paying more for their homeowner’s insurance policy than their friends in other parts of Oregon.

In this post we will cover homeowner’s insurance policy basics and help you to become more knowledgeable about this important form of Oregon insurance.

What Does A Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover?

Homeowners insurance covers all structures on the property including the garage and work shed as well as well as the contents of the home or dwelling place but what’s best of all is that homeowners insurance covers accidents or injuries that workers on the property or guests may have suffered while there.

Is It smart To Go Without Homeowners Insurance?

The answer to this question is no; a homeowner should always have homeowners insurance, regardless if their home is paid off or not because, this important Oregon Insurance policy will protect them from financial losses that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to recover from financially.

How Come Some Homeowners Pay Higher Homeowners Insurance Than Others?

There are many factors that can affect the price of a homeowners insurance premium including:

  • Location of home / property
  • Crime statistics of area
  • Credit history of policyholder
  • Distance of home from fire and emergency medical services

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover All Disasters?

Sadly, homeowners insurance doesn’t cover everything, some of the things that this form of Oregon Insurance doesn’t cover are flood and mold damage although each state has its own specific requirements for what homeowners insurance covers and doesn’t cover.

For the homeowner who wants to make sure that their home is 100% protected all year long they should make sure that they have homeowners insurance, flood insurance all other insurance policies that they should have.

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