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Hillsborough Oregon Residents Pay Low Car Insurance Rates

hillsborough oregon

Hillsborough Oregon residents have something to cheer about, they pay the lowest car insurance premiums in the state of Oregon and their premiums average $1,547.82 per year; this average premium is close to 30% lower than most insurance premiums in Oregon because, the average Oregonian who doesn’t live in Hillsborough pays about $2,130 per year.

Why Are Hillsborough’s Car Insurance Premiums So Low?

Hillsborough Oregon residents are fortunate to pay low car insurance premiums thanks to a variety of factors including:

  • Area demographic
  • The amount of people in the drivers household
  • The insurance owners driving record
  • Previous accidents or car insurance claims

Getting a low car insurance quote can seem like a science these days and many car insurance companies in Oregon have been artificially driving up car insurance costs for years but thankfully Hillsborough residents are finally getting a break on their auto insurance and hopefully other Oregon towns like Bend, Redmond, Prineville and Seaside Oregon will be soon behind.

Shopping Around For Insurance Quotes Does Matter

Another reason why Hillsborough Oregon residents enjoy affordable car insurance is because there are many car insurance companies available in Oregon compared to years ago when there were maybe just one or two choices for Oregon Car Insurance.

Economists and people who follow the car insurance industry are hopeful that there will eventually be more choices for car insurance in Oregon and other states that still continue to pay high car insurance premiums.

Make Smart Choices to Keep Car Insurance Low

Oregon drivers can also keep their car insurance costs low by doing simple things like: driving slower, staying accident free, monitoring their credit report for errors and staying with the same car insurance company for one year or longer.

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