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The High Cost Of DUI’S – What To Know Before You Decide To Drink And Drive

Central Oregon has some of the best craft breweries in the United States, it doesn’t matter if you’re staying in Bend or anywhere else around town, you will be able to find a great brewery or bar that serves locally brewed beer.

The sad thing about all of the great bear Bend Oregon has to offer is that DUI’s are also very common in this area and top insurance agents like Bend Oregon Allstate Agent, Tye Farnsworth know that drivers who get into DUI’s can expect to pay a heavy price

Average Cost Of DUI

Thanks to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSB) we know that the average driver who gets into an alcohol related car accident usually has a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher.

Although a DUI can typically bring just misdemeanor charges, the costs are high for a first time offense and can amount to well over $20,000 dollars.

These charges include everything that someone who is arrested for a DUI can expect to pay like bail, higher auto insurance costs, legal fees, loss of income and more.

It’s also not uncommon for some employers to fire an employee who is arrested for a DUI, especially if that employee was driving a company vehicle while they were intoxicated.

Yes, It’s Possible To Drink Smart

Anyone who is planning on enjoying some on Bend Oregon’s breweries or is planning on visiting some of the finer wineries or breweries around Central Oregon should plan on following these simple tips so they can drink smart and safely enjoy the areas breweries: 

  • Set limits – Everyone has a set amount of alcohol that they can drink before they are intoxicated that’s why it’s important for every person who plans on enjoying a night that includes alcoholic beverages to set the limit for how much they plan on drinking before setting foot in an Oregon brewery or bar.
  • Take a sober driver – For friends who want to enjoy themselves while visiting one of Bend’s breweries, it’s important to consider taking a friends along who will stay sober and not drink because, this will insure that everyone goes home safe if there is one sober driver.

Alcohol and driving don’t mix, for more tips on how you can stay safe on the roads; especially if you plan on visiting one of Central Oregon’s breweries; contact the Farnsworth Agency today at (541) 318-8835. 

My name is Tye Farnsworth, thank you for reading this bio! I was born and raised in Central Oregon. For an affordable insurance quote please contact me at (541) 318-8835 or connect with me online.