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Will Health Insurance Become Affordable Like Car Insurance?

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Will health insurance ever be affordable like car insurance

Should health insurance be more like car insurance? This question was once again recently debated by Politicians in Washington who are struggling with the high cost of health insurance and how it’s high cost makes it almost unaffordable to the average consumer in Oregon and across the United States.

Will Congress and the President do more to make health insurance more affordable? That’s anyone’s guess; thankfully there are many ways for the average Oregon consumer to save money on their car insurance every month.

Shopping Around For Car Insurance

The first step to finding more affordable Oregon Car Insurance is to shop around by opening a local telephone directory, searching online or consulting with a local Oregon insurance agent.

Unlike 20 years ago, the power is literally in the hands of the consumer in today’s world and the average consumer has more insurance choices than they did back in the days before the internet existed.

Consistency Pays Off

With Oregon Car Insurance it’s important for every consumer to remember that consistency pays off and it’s a smart choice to stay with one insurance company for at least one year instead of jumping to another insurance company.

Another important part of consistency is maintaining a safe driving record because, driving safely will help drivers in all parts of Oregon to lower their insurance premiums by $20 or more every month.

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