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Google Car Insurance Quotes – It’s Now A Reality In The U.K.

Just about every internet user is aware of the search engine giant Google because, they are almost everywhere these days; Google took another step in the direction of helping consumers this week by launching a new car insurance comparison service in the UK that will help drivers find the lowest car insurance quotes online; this move prompted an instant reaction from other online car insurance quote websites like and who are both worried that they will see a drop in their search traffic thanks to Google’s new service.

Competitive Advantage

If you use and type in car insurance quote, you will automatically see Google’s car insurance quote tool at the top of the page, this is their move to use their own technology to grab a much higher share of searches for the UK car insurance market. On day one of Google UK’s new car insurance quote tool they saw their searches increase by 75% and many who have used the service have reported positive results.

Coming To The United States?

With the success of Google’s car insurance quote service many industry experts in the car U.S. car insurance industry are betting on Google to release their product in the United States in the coming months as Central Oregon car insurance and prices for car insurance across the country have gone up in recent months.

Google’s car insurance quote tool will benefit drivers who use Google for all of their other searches but for those drivers who don’t utilize Google they still will be able to find an affordable car insurance quote through the wide variety of car insurance websites that are online.

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