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Get Rid Of The Spare Tire? Auto Manufactures Are Now Saying Yes

Back in the old days (pre 2000), every new car was manufactured with a spare tire and many times a new car also came with a tire jack so the owner of that vehicle could easily change their flat or damaged tire on the roads of Central Oregon. Times have changed and most new cars today are being sold without a spare tire and owners of those vehicles are being caught by surprise.

Why Get Rid Of The Spare Tire?

According to a recent report by AAA, auto manufacturers these days are sending new cars to dealerships because, removing the spare tire will make a vehicle lighter; some car manufactures like Hyundai and Chevrolet are sending new cars to Central Oregon car dealers with inflator kits where the spare tire used to be while other car manufactures are including nothing at all to replace the spare tire.

Safety Concerns?

Even though some auto manufacturers are bragging that getting rid of the spare tire helps to increase their vehicle MPG and make them more fuel efficient, not having a spare tire is leading some owners of new vehicles to voice their concerns about personal safety and reliability, especially if they get a flat on the back roads of Central Oregon and are unable to fit it themselves.

If you plan on buying a new car, make sure that you take the time to inspect it’s trunk to see if it comes with a spare because, if a spare tire is not included you will either have to purchase a spare tire yourself (minimal cost $150) or learn how to use the tire repair kit that will come with your vehicle.

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