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Do You Need Full Coverage Car Insurance?

Car insurance is something that everyone needs, especially if they want to drive legally on the roads of Central Oregon but the big question is if you really need full coverage car insurance.

It is not a state requirement to have full coverage (meaning at least the minimum state auto insurance limits plus physical damage coverages), but it’s usually a requirement from your finance company or lender. The lender is your lien holder and thus the car is their asset until youpay it off.

If You Drive For Uber Or Lyft

Let’s say that you drive for Uber or Lyft, in these cases full coverage car insurance is required because it will protect you and the passenger in your vehicle should you get into a car accident.

Full Coverage Car Insurance Benefits

  • Full coverage for driver and all passengers – What better form of protection could you offer your passengers than full coverage car insurance? If you were to get in a Central Oregon car accident you can have complete confidence that you and all passengers in your vehicle will be protected and insured.
  • Protection for your personal belongings – Anything that’s in your vehicle at the time of the accident like a laptop, iPad, radio or other personal items will be insured at all times.
  • Immediate benefits – With full coverage car insurance you will enjoy an immediate pay out of your insurance benefits after an accident or if any items in your vehicle are stolen while it’s parked.
  • Hassle free windshield replacement – There may be a time when your windshield will need to be replaced due to a rock hitting it or worse and thanks to full coverage car insurance you can get your windshield replaced without having to pay any extra costs.
  • More value than other plans – Thanks to full coverage car insurance you will be able to enjoy the benefit of a free rental vehicle if your car or truck takes more than 24 hours to repair.

Save Money On Full Coverage Car Insurance Today

During this economy it’s more important than ever before for any Bend Oregon family to save money on car insurance and thanks to the great rates that we can offer you from Allstate, you will not have to even consider cutting back on car insurance again just to save money.

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