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Fire Fighting Goes High Tech In Central Oregon

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In case you didn’t know it, Bend Oregon is a very cool, technologically savvy, place to live and nobody knows that better than crew members of Lake Chinook Fire & Rescue who are now able to use webcam images to search for wild fires in the area thanks to web cams that they have mounted on a Central Oregon communications tower, that’s over 90 feet tall.

An Awesome Advantage

Area firefighters will have a huge advantage in 2013 compared to firefighters of just 10 years ago thanks to the webcams because, they will have 360-degree views of over 40 square miles around Lake Billy Chinook, these webcams will without a doubt save Central Oregon hundreds of thousands of dollars per year because, it will enable firefighters to quickly handle fires, before they grow out of control.

How You Can Protect Your Home

The same webcam technology that the Lake Chinook Fire & Rescue crew is using isn’t out of reach for the average person who owns a home in Bend Oregon or anywhere else around Central Oregon.

Anyone can buy webcams online and install them around the perimeter of their home or they can purchase them locally at stores like Best Buy.

With webcam technology a homeowner in Bend can easily log on to their monitoring website and check the latest images around their home plus monitor what’s going on inside as well. Many people who live in Central Oregon already are using this technology to protect the inside of their homes and keep track of what their children are doing, especially if their kids get home early from school.

Fire Protection Is Affordable

Besides using webcams around the exterior of a home in Bend, Prineville, Madras or Sisters, it’s important for a homeowner to clear the weeds back from their home at least 200 feet and also do more to create their own fire protection barrier like: planting ice-plant, installing sprinkler systems outside and having more hoses ready in case there is a wildfire nearby.

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