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What Essential Items Can You Keep In Your Car To Save Money On Central Oregon Car Insurance?


Your Glove Box Is More than Just another Place for Junk, Make It Pay off For You

Did you know that your glove box can save you money off your Central Oregon Car Insurance bill each month?

Yes, it’s true, the items that you keep in your vehicles glove box can help you to stay better prepared if you get into a car accident in the future and insure that you are able to accurately report all details of your car accident so you aren’t held responsible especially if the car accident is not your fault.

Electronic Items

The first things that you should keep in the glove box for your vehicle are an extra cell phone, preferably with a built in camera or at the very least you should have a charged up digital camera because, after a car accident occurs you will want to also save money on Central Oregon Car insurance by being able to document all details of the accident including: license plate and driver’s license numbers of the other driver along with their home address and phone numbers so you can file a claim, if needed, and protect yourself financially.

First Aid Kit

You should also have a small first aid kit in your glove box so you can care for yourself, passengers and the other drivers or passengers of the other vehicle (if needed) until Emergency Medical Services arrive and are able to care for the injured.

Window Breaker

Although you might think that you will never have to break the windows of your vehicle, you should always have something in your glove box that can break the windows for your car, truck or the windows for the other drivers vehicle if the car accident you’re involved in makes it impossible for yourself or the other drivers and passengers to leave the damaged vehicles.

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