Electronic Insurance ID Cards

Electronic Insurance ID Cards as an Acceptable Form of Central Oregon Car Insurance Proof

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Bend Oregon – If you have a handheld device like an iPhone, Android or a tablet, the Oregon Department of transportation recently approved the use of electronic insurance ID cards as an acceptable form of Central Oregon Car Insurance.

Getting Started

In order to get started with using electronic insurance ID cards, to provide proof of insurance, you will have to download the application (app) for the insurance company that you currently do business with.

Most apps for things like electronic ID cards, to show proof of Central Oregon Car Insurance are free and can be downloaded through the Apple App Store or online through the app store for the carrier that you currently use.

Ease of Use

Using electronic insurance ID cards as an acceptable proof of insurance will without a doubt be a lot easier for many people especially if they are stopped by police or highway patrol since all the driver has to do is grab their phone instead of having to dig in their glove boxes for their proof of insurance.

Besides providing proof of Central Oregon Car Insurance, either digital or non-digital, an Oregon Driver will have to also be a licensed driver and have the ability to provide their driver’s license upon demand for Oregon or the state that they were licensed to drive in.

Catching On

Thanks to the popularity of using electronic insurance ID cards as an acceptable proof of insurance, Oregon is the latest state to catch onto this growing trend, and there are currently 25 states that offer drivers this privilege including: Alaska, Florida and Maine.

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