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Electronic Car Insurance Cards Coming To Georgia?

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In 2013 it seems like almost everyone these days, especially people who have Oregon Car Insurance, have smartphones, and thanks to these devices we have the ability to easily access all of our personal information in seconds compared to years ago when it was necessary to carry important papers with you wherever you went.

Thanks to the widespread use of smartphones, Georgia is now considering allowing an electronic version of insurance cards so drivers in the state could display their car insurance card via their phones instead of having to dig in their glove box, looking for their car insurance documents.

More Technology Needed?

In order for electronic car insurance cards to become legal in Georgia, law enforcement in the state will most likely have to become equipped with the capacity to scan electronic cards while they are on patrol but thanks to most smart phones, which come equipped with the capacity to download barcode reader apps, making this transition may be easy for the state of Georgia.

Coming soon To Oregon?

Drivers in this our state who have Oregon Car Insurance will one day be able to display their car insurance cards or documents on their smart phones but, until similar laws are commonplace in Oregon, we will have to rely on the old method of having our Oregon Car Insurance documentation ready if we are pulled over by law enforcement.

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