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Easy Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance

Are you frustrated with your Bend Oregon car insurance policy, and looking for ways to save money? You’re not alone. The average Bend Oregon driver is overpaying on their car insurance policy and they don’t even know it. To help you save money on car insurance here are the top three things that increase car insurance policies so you know how to get a lower car insurance policy.

New Car

You may love your new car or truck but, the reality is that you’re paying more than other drivers on the road because; most leasing companies require people driving new vehicles to carry a full coverage car insurance policy. The solution to the problem for those drivers who are planning on buying or leasing a new vehicle, but haven’t made a decision yet, is to choose their vehicle carefully because, even though they will be required to pay a full coverage premium, their car insurance premium may be less if they choose a low profile vehicle compared to other, faster, flashier vehicles.

Driving More

Not every person can control how much he or she drive on a daily basis but the reality is that commuting more will increase the amount that a driver pays for their car insurance premium every single month. To control the increased costs that come from driving more, every Central Oregon resident should consider car pooling to work or using public transportation because, both of these tips will lower their insurance costs and help them to save money on vehicle expenses every month.

Moving To A New Home

Can moving from Redmond Oregon 97756 to Bend Oregon 97701 really increase a drivers car insurance premiums? The answer is yes because, insurance companies will charge more for car insurance premiums if a driver moves to an urban area, compared to a rural area, especially if that driver parks their vehicle outside, on the street.

If you’re planning on moving to an urban area, always protect your vehicle with an alarm or vehicle protection system and if possible, park your vehicle in a garage at night. These simple tips will help to keep your car insurance policy low and save you money.

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