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Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Central Oregon Car Insurance

central oregon car insurance

One thing that every driver in this part of Oregon needs is Central Oregon Car Insurance, there’s no denying that, because, if you get stopped on a local road like Highway 97, and you can’t show proof of car insurance, you face the possibility of a heavy fine, losing your vehicle, or both, but even though we all need car insurance there’s no need for us to go broke paying our premiums right?

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

If you’re currently paying for Central Oregon Car Insurance, or you plan on shopping around for a new car insurance premium, you can save money every month on car insurance simply by doing the following:

  • Choose a high deductible: This is one of the smartest things you can do, especially if you own a newer vehicle, because, it will cut down on your monthly car insurance premium, but, it’s also a decision you should only make once you are committed to saving the money you will need to pay the high deductible, should you get into a car accident.
  • Eliminate towing: You can easily pay up to $30 more per year for the towing portion of your car insurance premium, and the reality is that your towing needs will just about always be covered under the collision portion of your car insurance policy anyway.
  • Remove car rental: When was the last time you rented a car while on vacation? You can easily be paying $50 or more per year for the rental portion of your Central Oregon Car Insurance policy and if you haven’t rented a car in years that’s money that you’re essentially throwing away.

Paying Annually Vs. Monthly

With Central Oregon Car Insurance the reality is that you will always pay less money if you pay annually versus paying monthly; your savings can easily amount to $120 per year, or about $10 per month, depending on your car insurance needs, so it’s always best to consider paying for the year when your car insurance policy renews, if you’re committed to saving as much money for your family as possible.

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