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Which Drivers Pay More For Car Insurance?

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Did you know that if you’re a single, 20 year old man, you’re more than likely paying a car insurance premium that’s 49 percent higher than a 25 year old man who has Central Oregon Car Insurance?

We know this thanks to a recent study of insurance quotes from across the United States and the same study also found that the same 20 year old man will pay at least 23 percent more for their car insurance policy than a 20 year old single woman.

Why Car Insurance Premiums Are So High

It’s not uncommon for men in their early 20’s to pay higher car insurance premiums than other drivers.

Sadly young male drivers typically lack driving experience and car insurance companies know this but once men in their early 20’s begin to get real life driving experience under their “belts” their car insurance premiums will start to drop.

Easy Ways to Lower Car Insurance Premiums

If you’re a male driver in Central Oregon under the age of 25 you can lower your car insurance premiums simply by doing the following:

  • Take a safe driving course
  • Get good grades if you’re going to college
  • Maintain good credit
  • Ask for discounts like: safe driver, good student etc.
  • Bundle your car insurance policy with your other insurance policies.
  • Live at home until you graduate college
  • Park your vehicle inside at night.

Although some of these tips might not be easy for the average male driver under the age of 25 in Central Oregon most of them are very simple and can easily save a driver hundreds of dollars per year off their car insurance premium.

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