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Drive Less, Pay Less? Oregon Car Insurance Savings Tips That Work

Enjoy your road trip in 2013 even more with reliable Allstate Auto Insurance
Yes you can save money on Oregon car insurance if you drive fewer miles per year.

Drive fewer miles per year? This is something that Oregon Residents don’t always want to hear but, the reality is that if an Oregon Driver uses public transportation at least once a week or more to commute between work and home, they will save money on car insurance because, car insurance agents always quote a more affordable policy if they know that a driver is not driving a lot of miles during the course of one year.

Defensive Driving Classes Do Work

For those Oregon Drivers who may have gotten into accidents in the past, help is available for lowering points off their driver’s licenses and lowering car insurance payments thanks to defensive driving courses.

With a recognized, defensive driving course, any Oregon Driver will be proving that they possess the skills necessary to drive safely and will be abiding by the law while operating their Oregon Vehicle.

Own An Older Vehicle? You Can Save Money

One mistake that many drivers who have Oregon Car Insurance make is keeping a full coverage car insurance policy, long after they’ve paid off their vehicles. This is a mistake because, as a vehicle gets older, it’s value goes down and the insurer will never pay the owner more than fair market value, if the vehicle was totaled in an accident.

To save money, Oregon drivers who actually own their vehicles should consider lowering their car insurance premiums; this step will save any Oregon Resident at least $100 or more per year and make their lives easier as well.

Bundle, Bundle, Bundle

We said it before and we will say it again; if you really want to Save Money On Car Insurance you should also consider bundling all of your insurance policies with one company. This step will make it easer for any Oregon Resident to find all of their insurance policies when needed and help them to save money because; insurers often reward customers who have multiple policies with the same company.

To learn more tips that will save you money on your Oregon Car Insurance or to get a free car insurance quote, contact the Farnsworth Agency today by calling: (541) 318-8835. 

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