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Would You Drive A Google Car If It Meant Cheaper Central Oregon Car Insurance?


google driverless car

Question: would you drive a driverless car if it meant that you would appeal to shrink your Central Oregon Car Insurance bill?

The answer to this question depends upon who you ask, but for many people the idea of driving a driverless car is okay with them because, we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing driverless cars in the movies and on television for the last 30 years.

Thanks to companies like Google, driverless car could be closer to reality than we all expect and, many people are happy about that including safety experts because about 90% of car crashes in the world today are caused by human error.

Most safety experts are hopeful that driverless cars like Google’s driverless car will eliminate human error and most important of all reduce fatalities around the world that come from car accidents.

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What to expect from a driverless car

The current model of Google’s driverless car looks nothing like you might expect, especially if you’re familiar with Kitt from the famous Knight Rider series of 80s.

Google’s driverless car looks like a prototype that it is, but the alarming thing is that their car doesn’t have any brakes or a steering wheel, the Google driverless car is strictly made to transport passengers from one destination to the other.

In the future a driverless car made from a company like Google could very well be your source of transportation to travel safely from Bend the Portland without you having to do any of the actual driving.

Will a driverless car lower your Central Oregon Car Insurance costs?

Driverless cars could very well lower car insurance costs or even eliminate them dramatically because, if there is a car accident on the road involving a driverless car, all of the liability would fall back on the vehicle manufacturer, and not the owner or passenger of the vehicle.

Yes it’s true that many companies like Google are predicting that drivers are going to become more and more placid in the years to come and some industry experts or even estimating that by the year 2025 self-driving vehicles will be more common on the roads but will those self-driving cars be more affordable for the average consumer?

Until self-driving cars become more readily available on the streets of cities like Bend, Redmond, Sunriver and Prineville, any Central Oregon resident can easily save money on their central Oregon Car Insurance by doing simple things like: bundling all of their insurance policies with one company, driving fewer miles per year, maintaining a safe driving record and of course maintaining good credit.

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