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Drive The Right Car And Lower Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Premium?


By Tye Farnsworth

BEND, Ore. – Yes, the insurance industry has known for years that you can lower your Central Oregon Car Insurance premium if you drive the right vehicle but how much can you lower your premium by each month?

Thank to a recent article by kiplinger.com we know that you can lower your car insurance premium by as much as $2,000.

Yes, the type of car you buy can make a big difference in your insurance premiums. Every insurer has its own calculations and claim figures, but a vehicle’s insurance costs are generally based on theft statistics, crash tests, the cost of replacement parts and the cost of the car.

Insure.com compared rates for 2016 models and found that the Honda Odyssey LX cost the least to insure, with an average annual premium of $1,113, followed by the Honda CR-V LX (two-wheel drive), Dodge Grand Caravan AVP and Jeep Patriot Sport (two-wheel drive). The most expensive car to insure was the Dodge Viper GT, averaging more than $4,000.

Source – kiplinger.com

More Ways To Lower Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Premium

Besides choosing the right vehicle there are a variety of ways that you can lower your Central Oregon Car Insurance premium by doing the following:

  • Bundle your insurance policies together with the same company.
  • Choose a liability only policy if you are driving an older vehicle.
  • Drive fewer miles per year if possible.
  • Purchase a car alarm for your vehicle if it doesn’t have a method of protection.
  • Park inside a garage at night or in a well-lit space.
  • Inform your insurance agency of major life changes like moving, marriage or children because these can also affect your insurance policy premium.
  • Maintain good credit because credit score does affect your insurance policy price.

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