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Don’t Let Your Car Insurance Premium Go Up Like Lindsay Lohans

One celebrity who has been the poster child of what not to do when driving is Lindsay Lohan. Over the last five years celebrity watchers who have followed her exploits, and are familiar with the variety of car accidents that she’s been in, including recent a car accident, that according to reports, might raise her car insurance premiums as high as six figures or higher.

What the reports about Lindsay Lohan’s bad driving don’t talk about is that car insurance premiums can be kept low if a driver uses simple logic and common sense to keep their premiums low.

Accident Details

One recent accident that Mrs. Lohan was involved in an accident and reportedly left the scene only to be found some time later when she was eventually cited for causing the accident. Mrs. Lohan has been in more car accidents than some drivers find themselves involved in during their lifetimes, some of her accidents were caused because she was intoxicated while others were caused by her own carelessness, regardless of the causes of her accidents, she’s going to pay heavily for her poor driving record for years to come.

Hard Earned Experience

Anyone who wants to save money on their car insurance payments can learn from Lindsay Lohan’s driving experiences and save themselves hundreds of dollars per year by doing the following:

  • Watch the driving record – The first step to keeping car insurance rates low is for a driver to watch their driving record because, the more tickets and accidents a driver has, the more their car insurance premiums will rise.
  • Choose a low-profile vehicle – The second step to low car insurance rates is for a driver to choose a lower profile vehicle that’s less likely to be stolen by car thieves. To learn more about low profile vehicles, all someone has to do is type “low profile vehicle” into Google.
  • Ask for discounts – If a drivers vehicle has anti-lock breaks, airbags or other safety features, the driver shouldn’t hesitate to ask for discounts if they are offered by their insurance company because, one discount can save the driver $10 per month or more.

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