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Do You Need Oregon Flood Insurance?

In Central Oregon it’s easy to not think about the possibility of a flood because, we enjoy a nice climate almost year round but, the reality is that a flood can happen at anytime and when it does, a homeowners belongings can be washed away, that’s why every Central Oregon homeowner needs Oregon flood insurance.

The Real Reasons Why Flood Insurance Is Needed

When the average person thinks of disasters in the United States they think of earthquakes and hurricanes right? Well, the top natural disaster isn’t a hurricane or earthquake, it’s a flood, and the average homeowner, who becomes a flood victim, can expect to pay up to $50,000 in damages and costs related to a flood.

Although many people move to Oregon to escape the earthquake prone areas of California or they leave the Midwest to escape the destructive force of tornados and hurricanes; every state has a flood zone and almost 25% of floods happen in areas that are typically thought to be a very small risk for floods.

Many Definitions For The Word Flood

If you’re still “on the fence” about buying Oregon flood insurance, it’s important to know that a flood also includes rapid mudflow that can come seemingly out of nowhere during the rainy season.

Most homeowners do not cover damage that comes from a flood and it’s not wise to rely on the Federal Government after a flood either because, contrary to the belief that organizations like FEMA help everyone, less than 50% of individuals who sustain damage from floods will receive any disaster assistance from federal organizations like FEMA.

FEMA And Disaster Relief

When someone does qualify for a disaster relief loan, which can total up to $50,000, they will be faced with the burden of paying that loan back, over the course of 30 years, when paying for flood insurance is cost effective and will save the homeowner thousands of dollars in the future.

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