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Distracted Driving – One Of The Top Causes Of Accidents In The United States

Cell phones, tablets, smart watches and smart phones are some of the devices that we know and use on a daily basis but they are also the things that easily distract us especially when driving.

Sadly, distracted driving is a concept that we’ve been dealing with for decades as drivers but having electronic devices makes the problem much worse. Thankfully every driver can do something about this problem if they take the following steps before getting behind the wheel of their vehicle:

  1. Go hands free – This is very easy to do with today’s vehicles since most newer cars and trucks have built in features that make it possible for you to not answer your phone when driving.
  2. Keep your phone out of reach when driving – If your vehicle doesn’t offer hands free features, put your phone on vibrate and keep it in another part of your vehicle until you get to your destination.
  3. Make sure all passengers in your vehicle respect your wishes while you’re driving – This includes keeping the volume to their games, movies or music turned down so you can focus on the road.
  4. Remember that calls, texts and emails can wait until you get to your destination – It’s not worth losing your life while answering an important call. Take the time to wait because your life depends on it.

Don’t Become A Statistic Due To Distracted Driving!

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