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Disaster Preparedness – What We Can Learn From Hurricane Sandy

This week we saw Hurricane Sandy take down the East Coast in just hours and sadly many people who live and work in cities like New York, Chicago and Washington were not prepared and as of November 1st 2012, over 150 people have lost their lives and Hurricane Sandy has left billions of dollars worth of damages in it’s wake.

What can we learn from the worst hurricane the United States has seen in 20 years? Preparing for a disaster is a lot easier than you think and anyone can be ready for a disaster in just a few simple steps.

Exit Points

The first step to preparing for an accident or disaster  is to think about where you spend the most hours in a day and ask yourself what exit points should you take to get out of that space should a natural disaster occur. If you spend a lot of time at home, will you go out the front or back doors? Climb out a window? Go out your garage?

Meeting Destination

Once you’ve escaped the place that you’re at during a disaster, where will you meet your friends and family members to insure that everyone is okay? A neighbor’s house? The local school? Shopping mall? Police station? Coming up with a meeting point is important because, there won’t be a question about where everyone will end up after an accident.

Choose A Trusted Contact

If you or your spouse can’t make it to the meeting point, you should choose a trusted friend or relative to be your point of contact who will find your children and insure that they made it to the contact point and are safe.

Disaster Kit

Disasters are unpredictable, as seen with hurricane Sandy, to prepare for a 20 year storm or disaster, make sure that you have a disaster preparedness kit ready that includes the following:

  • Warm jackets for everyone in your family
  • Flash light
  • Prepaid cell phone with enough minutes for one month or more
  • Toilet paper
  • Free dried food
  • Cash to be used for emergency food, gas or hotel stays.
  • Keep all of your important papers like car insurance documents in a waterproof folder.

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