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Disaster Preparedness Tips – How Central Oregon Business Owners Can Be Prepared

One of the biggest things that we learned from Hurricane Sandy, the superstorm that recently hit New York and New Jersey, is how important it is for businesses of all sizes to be prepared for disaster but what are the steps that a business owner in Central Oregon should follow to get their business ready for disaster?

To simplify the disaster preparedness process we’ve compiled this handy list of tips to help business owners in towns like Bend, Redmond, Powell Butte and Prineville Oregon get ready for disaster, especially since winter has finally arrived and a disaster can potentially strike at anytime.

Before The Power Goes Out

During the winter in this part of the country it pays to have Central Oregon Car Insurance but if you’re a business owner, it also pays to own a generator because, when the power goes out, and is down for one or more days, any business owner should own one or more generator because, this will enable the business to stay running and continue making money, even when other business around them is dark.

Failover Internet

In the event of a disaster, it pays to have more than one internet service provider because, internet access can play a crucial role in helping a business owner in Bend to stay connected with their employees and making money while other “mom and pop” stores are waiting out the bad weather.

A failover Internet service provider can be anything from a satellite Internet service, air card or mobile phone with a connection to a 4G network.

Extra Batteries

We all love our phones and wireless devices but how long can they run with only one battery? This is why it’s important to have at least one fully charged backup battery for mobile devices because, this will enable the average business owner to have enough battery power in their mobile devices even during bad storms.

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