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Didn’t Go To College? You Might Be Paying $300 More Per Year for Car Insurance


Thanks to a recent study by the Consumer Federation of America we know that many car insurance companies are charging an average of $300 per year, or more, for car insurance because, the driver didn’t have a college degree.

Statistical Data

The study which was done with the hard work of mystery shoppers across the United States, in 10 major metropolitan areas, shows that well-known car insurance companies like GEICO charged more for car insurance when someone claimed to work in a “low-level” job especially if they indicated on their enrollment form that they didn’t have a college degree.


Although it seems unfair that an insurance company would charge someone more for car insurance because of their job this happens more often than people know across the country but, thankfully there are a variety of things that any driver can do to save money on car insurance including:

  • Research an insurance company before choosing them.
  • Choose a higher deductible.
  • Pay for the year up front instead of monthly.
  • Park inside or in a parking structure at night.
  • Move to a safer part of town.

Car Insurance and the Internet

Thanks to the Internet there are more options for consumers than in years past for saving money on car insurance since the average consumer these days can find a variety of car insurance options online including agents in their local area without even having to leave their homes.

Before choosing an insurance agent make sure that you take the time to verify their credibility online and read through comments from their customers because, any insurance agent who wants to earn more local business won’t hesitate to encourage their customers to leave comments online if they are satisfied with the agents work.

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