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Defensive Driving Techniques For Central Oregon

December in Central Oregon is a fun time for families that live in the area because there’s plenty of things to do in Bend plus other towns in the area like Prineville, Redmond and Madras but winter in this area also brings snow and with snow, car accidents typically increase compared to other times in the year.

The key to success for any driver in Central Oregon who wants to avoid getting into an auto accident is to winterize their vehicle by doing things like buying snow tires or chains, having Bend Oregon Car Insurance and following these simple tips.

What To Do Before Turning A Corner

There are plenty of corners in cities like Bend and with snow, rain and cold winter weather, the roads will be icy on some streets, this means that entering a corner will be potentially hazardous than at other times of the year.

The key to success with entering corners during the winter is for a driver to always apply their brakes before the reach the corner then gently release their brakes and use both hands to steer their vehicle around the corner.

Once a driver has successfully navigated through a corner they should gently accelerate their vehicle and continue using both hands on their steering wheel instead of getting relaxed and using one hand to steer their vehicle.

Know Your Vehicle

Every vehicle is different when it comes to weight; for example: in a typical pickup truck, all of the weight will be in the front of the vehicle because of the engine and cabs weight but with midsize passenger cars like a Ford Taurus, the weight is lopsided that’s why it’s easy for a driver to loose control of their vehicle when they slam on their brakes during the winter.

To avoid getting into accidents this winter, any driver who has Bend Oregon car insurance and wants to drive responsibly should know their vehicle and practice driving techniques that may go against their natural tendencies.

For example: accelerating when a vehicle starts to skid instead of stepping on the brakes; this simple technique can easily prevent a vehicle from spinning out this winter.

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