flying car

How Much Would It Cost To Insure A Flying Car?

flying car

If you follow the car insurance industry like we do, one interesting debate has come up recently regarding how expensive it would be to ensure a flying car, if you just had a knee-jerk reaction to the words “flying car”, yes that’s correct there are prototypes of flying cars in existence and, we could see the reality of mass-market flying cars within our lifetime.

Insurance Costs for Flying Cars

One prototype of the flying car that was recently invented is called the Maverick, this flying car flies under what’s called a parasail and it requires a 330 foot runway in order for to take off.

Thanks to the manufacturers cool website, we know that the Maverick can fly up to 100 miles per hour but, there’s a catch, this flying car will cost $100,000 or more to purchase it and it looks like there has been one lucky person who has purchased a maverick and the owner of this flying car, who will remain nameless recently crashed it into a tree which injured the pilot and passenger.

Although the debate for ensuring flying cars hasn’t officially started, the cost to ensure flying cars would ultimately be prohibitive or very expensive because, for the average person to pilot a flying car they would ultimately have to have a pilot’s license and other forms of insurance before they can actually take their flying car up in the air.

What You Can Do To Lower Your Car Insurance Costs

Thankfully, flying cars haven’t become a reality yet, and it still possible to keep your car insurance costs low including doing the following: maintain good credit, live in a safe neighborhood, park insider garage at night and keep the good driving record.

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