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Collision With Deer – How To Protect Yourself In Central Oregon

In Central Oregon, drivers here know that the odds are high that they might encounter a deer while driving on local roads, or highways like Highway 97, sometime within the next 12 months; since it’s not uncommon to see deer in Central Oregon grazing along the highways, fields or in the front yards of homes but, how likely is it that drivers in other states will encounter a deer? A recent study by a leading car insurance company recently showed that the numbers vary from state to state; for example: in West Virginia your chances are 1 in 40 that you will either encounter or strike a deer while driving on the roads there within the next year.

State-By-State Statistics

In Iowa, Montana and Minnesota the chance of encountering or striking a deer while driving on roads in those states ranges from 1 in 39 to 1 in 80, and with drier weather forcing more deer out of the hills in rural areas, searching for water sources, the chances grow higher every year that drivers in those states will encounter a deer during their daily travels.

How To Avoid A Deer Collision

If you want to protect yourself from deer while driving in Central Oregon the first thing that you can do is to slow down, because, you will never be able to protect yourself from deer or other wild animals if you’re driving too fast, especially during the winter when the threat of rain, ice or snow makes driving faster more riskier.

You should also focus on being more aware of deer when driving in the early morning hours or late afternoon hours because, it’s easy to become distracted by the sun and miss deer or other wild animals that might wander out on the road and collide with your vehicle.

Last of all, always use your high beam lights when driving down the more rural roads of Central Oregon at night and maintain the practice of continuously scanning the sides of the road while driving, these tactics will help you to avoid a collision with a deer and save your vehicle.

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