Does College Affect Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Premium?

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If you plan on sending your child to college here’s some common answers to college and car insurance

By Tye Farnsworth

As a parent I know what it’s like to have children who are getting closer to going to college and not only do I want my children to succeed in college I want them to stay safe by having the best Central Oregon Car Insurance Premiums.

The Question on Every Parents Mind

The big question that comes into many parents minds though is what affect does college have on a child’s car insurance premium?

Central Oregon Car Insurance Questions Answered

In today’s post were going to answer this question and provide parents with real tips that they can use to insure that their children’s Central Oregon Car Insurance premiums stay affordable even when they are in college here in Central Oregon or elsewhere in the United States.


The Real Effect of Going to College

Parents who send their children to college can have confidence that they will continue to pay the most affordable Central Oregon Car Insurance premiums for their children if their kids continue to live with them at the same address when they are not in school.

Will Parents Of College Age Students Pay More For Car Insurance?

If a student is driving their own vehicle when they have left for college, instead of leaving it at home, they can expect to pay more for car insurance but the increase that they can expect to pay will vary per each driver’s car insurance company and policy.

Discounts Galore Are Available

Although most parents may shudder at the thought of paying for their child’s car insurance premium the good news is that their child may qualify for discounts if they get good grades, drive safely, maintain their credit and even take a safe driving class while in college.

Parents can also get discounts by bundling their car insurance policy with their homeowners and life insurance policies as well.

To learn more about what you can do to save money on your child’s Central Oregon Car Insurance premium or to get an affordable insurance quote contact me, Tye Farnsworth, owner of the Farnsworth Insurance Agency today by calling me at (541) 318-8835 or clicking here.

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