christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 – What Gifts Can Lower Your Car Insurance?

Right now the most common question that people in towns like Bend, Prineville or Madras Oregon are asking each other is what do you want for Christmas? The most common gifts for 2012 are things like the Wii U, Kindle, Nook and iPad but, for those people who have a relationship with their Bend Oregon Insurance Agent and have car insurance, they can lower the cost of their car insurance by asking for one or all of the following gifts.

Snow Tires

We still have at least three months ahead of us where we will see some snow in Central Oregon and without snow tires, the average resident of Bend or Redmond Oregon will increase the possibility of having a spinout accident on the roads of Central Oregon.

Snow tires are a practical gift that will help any driver who has Central Oregon Car Insurance to avoid getting into a car accident and seeing an increase in their car insurance as a result of that accident.

For those people who can’t afford to give someone a set of snow tires for Christmas, snow chains are just as effective and super affordable, they cost between $25 to $100 and you can buy them at local stores like AutoZone in Bend or either of the Wal-Mart’s in the area.

Vehicle Alarm

Most new vehicles these days come with an alarm system already pre-installed but for those older vehicles that don’t have alarms, they face the possibility of being stolen. Any driver in Central Oregon who doesn’t have a car alarm can easily purchase a car alarm and have one installed locally at stores like Audiowerks or Central Oregon Customs.

To learn more about the best gifts for 2012 that can help someone lower their car insurance premiums, contact the experienced team of insurance agents at the Farnsworth Agency by calling (541) 318-8835.

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