Choosing The Right Oregon Car Insurance To Protect Your Vehicle During Bad Weather

With summer winding down and the weather changing in Oregon, almost every Central Oregon driver will ask their Bend Oregon insurance agent, or top insurance agent in some other part of Oregon, what type of car insurance coverage do I need for bad weather?

We all know that the weather in Oregon can change dramatically in the winter months and Oregon drivers will be faced with rain, snow, sleet and ice; the solution to making sure that a driver is fully protected on the roads of Oregon is for them to have both comprehensive and collision coverage on their vehicle.

Why Comprehensive And Collision Coverage?

Both of these forms of insurance protection are needed because, they serve separate purposes:

Collision Coverage – This form of insurance will cover a drivers vehicle if the vehicle is hit by a falling tree during a winter storm, suffers snow related damage or if the vehicle is in an accident with another vehicle.

Comprehensive Coverage – Most people neglect to have comprehensive coverage on their vehicle when it’s actually the most important form of insurance protection; this coverage will protect the vehicle owner if their vehicle is stolen, items inside the vehicle are stolen or from any form of storm related damage.

Questions? Always Ask Your Insurer First

One of the most commonly used phrases in the insurance industry is “Acts of God” and every insurer can loosely define what they call an “Act of God” for damage related to your vehicle so it’s always important for any driver who is looking for a new insurance policy, with a Bend Oregon insurance agent, or insurance agent in their part of Oregon, to verify exactly what the insurance company defines as an “Act of God” to avoid the frustration of realizing that damage to their vehicle wasn’t covered and they have to pay more out of pocket expenses to get their car or truck fixed.

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