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For Cheaper Central Oregon Car Insurance Think Mini-Van, And Not An Audi

Dodge Caravan

By Tye Farnsworth

One common thing that every young driver will experience at least some point in their lives is the desire to purchase a fast car, but if you want to save money on your Central Oregon Car Insurance it’s best to go with a safer vehicle.

Why Purchase A Safe Vehicle?

A recent study done by showed that out of 1,500 vehicles which are on the market today it’s the safer vehicles like Dodge Caravans which enjoy the most inexpensive car insurance rates compared to the fast vehicles like: Audi’s, Mercedes, BMW’s and Dodge Chargers.

Sure a mini-van may not be as awesome as a red sports car, but if you’re budget conscious in 2015, and want to save money on your Central Oregon Car Insurance, purchasing a safer vehicle is better for your bank account in the long term.

What Are The Most Expensive Vehicles To Insure?

Thanks to the study we know that the most expensive vehicles to insure are the Dodge Viper, Mercedes Benz and the Nissan GT-R Nismo.

Why are safer vehicles less expensive to insure than safe, traditional vehicles?

Vehicles which may be driven regularly by a mom or dad are more likely to be less expensive to insure as a whole than fast, precision vehicles like a BMW because, insurance industry experts feel that the mom or dad who is driving the mini-van will be less likely to get into an accident driving the minivan compared to driving the BMW.


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