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Cheaper Car Insurance For College Students? Yes It Is Possible.

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Going to college can be expensive but thankfully car insurance costs can be lowered.

Oregon college students have a lot to deal with every year and with the rising cost of going to college their finances are always at a breaking point.

One of the most common costs that college students have a difficult time paying every year is Oregon car insurance. Why is car insurance so expensive for Oregon college student? Car insurance costs vary and are typically based on things like the age of the insured, their lifestyle and location, but there are many things that a college student can do to lower their car insurance costs.

Location, Location, Location

College students in Oregon may not be able to decide where they live but their location does affect what they are paying for car insurance because, car insurance companies do factor in where the driver lives based on their zip code and based on their own internal data, they determine if a location is safe or not.

For those college students who might be thinking about moving to the “cheaper part of town” they should consider living with their family members for a little bit longer or on campus because, a simple thing like location can save them hundreds per year on their car insurance costs.

Straight A Student?

Oregon drivers who are straight A students and have excelled in their educations shouldn’t hesitate to ask for car insurance discounts because; most insurance companies reward students in high school and college for their hard work.

College students can also get discounts on their car insurance policies by doing the following:

  • Take a defensive driving class.
  • Stay accident free for at least one year or longer.
  • Maintain car insurance with the same company for over one year.
  • Never let car insurance lapse.

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