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Central Oregon Car Insurance – Get Your Vehicle Ready for summer with This Road Trip Checklist


By Tye Farnsworth

With the start of summer we can expect more drivers with Central Oregon Car Insurance take road trips across Oregon and the United States.

If you’re thinking about taking a road trip with your family this article will provide you with a simple check list you can use to make sure that your vehicle is ready for summer.

Verify Insured Drivers

Make sure that each driver in your family is insured to drive your vehicle.

Check Your Tires

Besides having Central Oregon Car Insurance, make sure you have your tires rotated and balanced BEFORE starting out on your trip, and replace old or bald tires if possible to avoid accidents.

Inspect Windshield Wipers

Inspect those windshield wipers to make sure that they will be functional in case there’s a sudden downpour of rain in the part of Oregon where you might be on your road trip.

Get Your Vehicles Oil Changed

An oil change will improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and also give the mechanic the ability to check other important areas of your vehicle like: brake fluid, transmission fluid, wiper fluid and clutch fluid if you drive a stick shift vehicle.

Pack These Emergency Supplies

Although you might be going to the beach or summer during your vacation, make sure you pack an emergency car kit which includes first aid kit and these supplies that you may need to use on your trip.

  • Tow Rope
  • Jumper Cables (12′)
  • Flashlight with Batteries
  • Emergency Survival Blanket
  • Waterproof Poncho
  • Emergency Drinking Water (6oz Box)
  • Leather Gloves
  • Whistle
  • Duct Tape
  • Utility Knife
  • Emergency Instructions and Help Sign
  • Wet Naps
  • Reflecting Triangle

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