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Central Oregon Car Insurance Tips – Understand Your Car Insurance Before A Road Trip

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Before taking a road trip it’s important for you to make sure that you have Central Oregon Car Insurance for your vehicle because, a car accident can happen at any time and it’s always important to make sure that your vehicle is insured just in case you have a car accident when you’re away from home.

Know Your Car Insurance Policy

Before hitting the road, it’s important for you to know exactly what your Central Oregon Car Insurance policy covers because, many people think they have full coverage or the maximum amount of coverage possible that they can have with their car insurance company but they are sadly mistaken.

Does your Central Oregon Car Insurance policy have liability only or comprehensive coverage? Will it protect you in case your vehicle is damaged from a natural disaster? These are all questions that you should have answered before starting your road trip and if you can’t get your questions answered by your insurance agent or it may be time to choose another car insurance company.

Does Your Policy Cover Additional Drivers?

It’s easy to let someone else drive your vehicle every day of the week because, you’re close to home but, what about when you’re on a road trip? Before handing over driving responsibilities to another driver when on a road trip, make sure that your Central Oregon Car Insurance covers additional drivers.

You should also verify that those drivers who will be behind the wheel during your road trip are added to your policy so you don’t get caught off guard in an accident with an uninsured driver behind your wheel.

Are You Covered When Driving Rental Cars?

If you plan on driving a rental car during your road trip, make sure that your Central Oregon Car Insurance covers you even when you’re driving a rental car because, most car insurance policies don’t cover their drivers if they are driving rental cars and someone who decides to go with a Rental Car will have to purchase additional car insurance for their rental.

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