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Central Oregon Car Insurance Tips – Simple Ways to Save Money

Save Money

Save money in your home by following these simple tips

By Tye Farnsworth

As the owner of the Farnsworth Agency and a father of four children I know that saving money is important.

When it comes to Central Oregon Car Insurance I always recommend to my clients that they can save money on car insurance by doing the following:

• Bundling insurance policies together.

• Driving fewer miles per year.

• Parking in a garage or carport at night.

• Maintain a good driving record.

Although it may be easy to save money on car insurance what are the best ways that you can save money in your home?

In today’s post we will cover 20 ways that you can save money in your home starting today.


Every Day Tips

Save loose change – If you love going out for coffee or fast food regularly you can save close to $500 per year simply by putting aside $0.50 cents per day and this can be used for an emergency fund.

Save your receipts – One of the easiest ways to know how much you’re spending is to save all of your receipts from every purchase that way you can effectively track where you’re wasting money and start saving more money when you would be inclined to spend it.

Save matching funds – Whenever you feel the need to grab a soda, coffee or fast food meal you should save matching funds in a jar because, if you can’t afford to spend $8 on a $4 coffee maybe that coffee isn’t really worth it.

Think before you spend – Let’s say that you make $10 per hour and you want to go watch a movie that will cost you $20. Before paying for that movie ticket ask yourself “is this movie really worth 2 hours of my earnings?”

Saving Money on Food

Treats – How many times do you buy “sweet treats” each month like a Starbucks Coffee, candy bar or doughnut? Instead of buying these treats and paying $4 to $5 every time, start buying healthy treats in bulk from stores like Costco because, buying in bulk will always keep those treats available for you and save you $50 to $100 or more per month.

Shopping List – Before the next time you go shopping make sure that you create a shopping list and stick with it because, impulse shopping is responsible for the average person overspending on groceries by hundreds of dollars per year.

Save Money on Financial Transactions

Banking – Try to avoid bouncing checks whenever possible because, besides running the risk of ruining your banking relationship, a bounced check can cost you $30 per month or more.

Credit cards – Focus on reducing your credit card debt by $1,000 because, this will save you up to $200 for the year and also help you to improve your FICO score too.

ATMS – Only use your own banks ATM and not a competing banks ATM because, using another banks ATM can easily cost you $10 or more to withdraw your own money and these fees can add up each month.


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