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Central Oregon Car Insurance Tips – How to Save Money on Groceries Each Month

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Just about every family in this part of Oregon who has Central Oregon Car Insurance also is living on a budget and sadly one of the most common things that can eat away at the family budget every month is grocery shopping.

In today’s post we will cover three simple tips that you can start using today to save money on your monthly grocery bill and you will be able to apply that savings elsewhere.

How much should you Be Spending per Week?

Thanks to the United States Department of Agriculture, we know that in 2009 the average family of four was spending about $185 per week on groceries but when two of those family members are between the ages of six and 11 that family of four can easily spend up to $250 per week just on food alone.

Shopping Smart Requires Planning

As with saving money on Central Oregon Car Insurance you need to have a plan if you want to save money on your monthly grocery bill.

For example: instead of going to Walmart, Rays, Albertsons or your favorite store in Central Oregon without a shopping list, sit down and make a shopping list that’s based on the meals that you plan to prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Factor in how many people are in your family then multiple 3.5 meals per day by each person in your family and that’s how many meals you need to plan for.

Cook Smart by Cooking In Bulk

Instead of cooking one off meals start cooking meals that are large enough so that there will be plenty of food for leftovers as well as food for your children to take for their lunches or to have for snacks when hungry.

By cooking bigger meals you will ultimately have to cook fewer meals each day because, there will always be meals that you can freeze and reheat later.

Look For In Store Savings!

Another important tip that you can use to save money on your grocery bill is to keep an eye out for in store savings when you’re shopping.

Stores will frequently offer in store discounts and you will benefit if you notice those discounts and take advantage of them when you are in the store.

For more tips on how to save your family money each month click here.

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