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Central Oregon Car Insurance Tips – How to Choose the Right Rental Car

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By Tye Farsworth

Just about everyone who has Central Oregon Car Insurance will at one point or another take a vacation or journey to a location where they need to choose the right rental car.

Sadly, choosing a rental car isn’t as easy as it seems and choosing the wrong rental car can not only negatively affect your vacation but also ruin your journey.

In today’s post we will break down how to choose the right rental car so you can be better prepared for your journey.

How Many People Will You Be Transporting?

Before choosing a rental car it’s important to think about how many people you will be transporting for your journey.

Count up the number of people who will have to fit in the rental car and then add two or three more people because, it’s always possible that you will need to transport relatives or family members when you get to your destination.

Calculate The Square Feet of What You’re Transporting

One important thing you need to do before starting your journey is place all of your bags and items that you will be transporting into a pile and measure the total size of your load.

After you know the size of your load you should go to your rental car company website to verify if the vehicle that you want to rent has the right amount of cargo space.

Think About Fuel Economy

As with Central Oregon Car Insurance, fuel economy is very important when it comes to the vehicle that you drive, especially when it comes to rental cars.

Before choosing your rental car make sure that it’s a fuel efficient vehicle for your journey by researching fuel economy on the vehicle manufacturer’s website or through the rental car company.

Although most larger vehicles are not fuel efficient it’s possible to find a vehicle that offers good fuel economy especially if it’s a hybrid vehicle.


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