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Central Oregon Car Insurance Tips – Beware The Lyft Car App

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Learn How You Could Lose Money With The Lyft Car App If you Get Into A Car Accident

Over the last few years smartphone apps have changed the way we see the world and especially how we travel because, thanks to apps like Lyft Car, you can use your smartphone to be a part time cab driver, using your own car (earning up to $35 per hour) but what the makers of the Lyft Car app don’t tell you is that you can easily lose your Central Oregon Car Insurance, and be found liable, if you are involved in a car accident and have been using your private vehicle for commercial use.

Think About It

Before using an app like Lyft Car, essentially turning your car into a taxi, you must be aware that you can potentially face the prospect of paying huge financial damages, regardless if the car accident was your fault or not because, you were operating your private vehicle for commercial use, (earning money), and your Central Oregon Car Insurance company could refuse to pay your claim and cancel your policy.

Shipping And Delivery Companies

The same risks also apply to the variety of shipping / delivery companies that have started over the last 10 years and given people the opportunity to haul just about anything using their personal trucks or vehicles because, many insurers will not pay a claim if the driver was using their vehicle for business or commercial use even though they claimed to only use it for personal use when they originally signed up for their car insurance policy.

Due Diligence Pays Off

If you plan on engaging in either profession, regardless if it’s only a few hours per week or not, you should contact your insurance company immediately and change your Central Oregon Car Insurance to a commercial policy to protect yourself financially just in case you get into a car accident.

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