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Central Oregon Car Insurance Tips – What To Do Before, During and After a Car Accident

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Bend Oregon – Nobody ever wants to think about getting into a car accident, but with car accidents you can be prepared in advance, if you have Central Oregon Car Insurance, and you know how to handle yourself before, during and after a car accident.

What to Do Before a Car Accident

Before you get into a car accident it’s always best to make sure that you have the right Central Oregon Car Insurance for your vehicle because, many people make the mistake of not having the highest amounts possible for comprehensive and collision on their car insurance policies and when they get into a car accident they will find out too late that their coverage was not sufficient and get stuck with having to pay for any damages related to the car accident that their insurance company didn’t cover.

What to Do During a Car Accident

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in what can be considered a minor “fender bender”, or major car accident, your first step should be to insure that the passengers in your vehicle and the driver of the other vehicle were not hurt and safe, especially if emergency medical services are required and haven’t arrived on the scene yet.

Once you’ve verified the well-being of passengers and the other driver involved you should next call a police officer, file a police report and provide proof of your Central Oregon Car insurance, just so you can make sure that all information for the car accident is reported and handled as accurately and professionally as possible.

You should also take pictures of the vehicles that were involved in the car accident, the condition of the road, condition of both drivers, passengers and everyone involved in the car accident because, these will be for your own personal records and serve you well if you are involved in a lawsuit.

What to Do After a Car Accident

After your car accident you should always save every receipt that for repairs that you had made to your vehicle as well as any documentation that you’ve received for medical bills or hospital stays just so you can provide proof or documentation if it’s requested n court.

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