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Central Oregon Car Insurance Questions: What Is a Deductible?

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During the process of choosing Central Oregon Car Insurance you will most likely have come across the term “deductible” and this term can sometimes be confusing, depending on whom you ask. The term “deductible” applies to your comprehensive car insurance coverage, and also collision as well, but not your liability coverage.

High versus Low Deductible

The amount that you choose for your car insurance coverage deductible can absolutely mean a big difference in your monthly car insurance premium because, the higher the deductible that you pay, the lower your car insurance premium will be every month, and the lower the deductible that you pay means you might be faced with paying a higher car insurance premium each month.

Lifestyle & Finances

Your car insurance deductible solely depends on your lifestyle and finances because, if you don’t have a lot of income coming in each month it might be worth choosing a higher monthly car insurance premium payment, and a low Central Oregon Car Insurance Deductible, versus paying a small car insurance payment each month and ultimately a higher deductible should you get into a car accident.

Save Money on Car Insurance

If you choose to pay a lower Central Oregon Car Insurance deductible, and are faced with paying a higher car insurance payment, you should ask your car insurance company for the discounts that you deserve including: good student, safe driver discount, marriage discount and more.

You should also ask your Oregon Car Insurance agent to offer you a discount for protecting your vehicle with a car alarm or vehicle protection system, parking in a garage or parking structure at night and driving fewer miles per year.

These discounts will enable you to keep your car insurance payments affordable and enable you to ultimately be faced with paying an affordable car insurance deductible later on should you need to use your Central Oregon Car Insurance.

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