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Is Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Premium A Disaster?

central oregon car insurance

Is your Central Oregon Car Insurance premium a “disaster”? Thanks to a recent report by we know that the average car insurance premium in the United States is between $934 to $2,699; of course the premium that you pay depends on where you live but there’s no denying that paying an expensive car insurance premium each month is not easy especially if your family is on a tight budget.

How to Cut Car Insurance Costs the “Smart Way”

Instead of just not paying for Central Oregon Car insurance like some people might be inclined to do, the smart way to save money on car insurance is to be patient and follow these simple steps:

  • Look for a group discount – If you’re a member of AAA or AARP you may qualify for a group discount with your current car insurance company. It’s possible to save 10% or more off your monthly car insurance premium thanks to group discounts so don’t hesitate to ask for a discount if you qualify.
  • Calculate your miles – Most people drive fewer miles per year than they actually think, especially if they just started working from home a few days per week or carpool with friends to work on a regular basis. Driving fewer miles per year can help you to save money on car insurance and ultimately save the “wear and tear” on your vehicle too.
  • Ask for safety discounts – One of the great things about vehicles produced after the year 2000 is that the average car or truck has airbags, vehicle theft protection and anti-lock brakes. These safety features can save the average driver hundreds of dollars on car insurance per year. If your vehicle has plenty of safety features don’t be afraid to let your Central Oregon Car Insurance company know so you can be saving money.

Get a Free Car Insurance Quote

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