Central Oregon Car Insurance News – Wal-Mart Is Now Selling Car Insurance

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Anyone who wants to save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance will at one point become aware that retail giant Wal-Mart is now selling car insurance policies through its website but the question that any driver should have is this: will policies purchased through Wal-Mart offer a driver enough car insurance protection?

The Middle Man

What Wal-Mart is doing in the insurance arena is nothing new to drivers who have Central Oregon Car Insurance.

Wal-Mart will essentially be acting as the “middle-man” for drivers who want to purchase car insurance policies because, a driver will start at Wal-Mart’s website and then be redirected to a broker: www.autoinsurance.com where they can then purchase car insurance online.

Good Savings But?

Although most people are excited about Wal-Mart entering the insurance business, and the savings that they will be able to offer consumers, consumers who choose Wal-Mart for their Central Oregon Car Insurance should make sure that they choose enough insurance protection.

Drivers who choose a car insurance policy through Wal-Mart or any other insurance discounter should make sure that they have more than enough car insurance to protection them financially because, they could be held liable for paying any balance due after a car accident if their car insurance only covers them up to a certain amount.

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