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Central Oregon Car Insurance News – Teenage Drivers in Utah See Huge Rate Increases

Utah Parents Shocked To See Huge Car Insurance Increases This Month

teenage driver

Although Central Oregon Car Insurance is affordable for teenage drivers here it’s not in Utah.

Thanks to a recent report by insurancequotes.com we know that car insurance premiums for teenage drivers just skyrocketed by close to 90 percent recent because of the high cost to insure teenage boys in that state.

Teens Pay Up To 100% More For Car Insurance

Overall the rise in insurance premiums for teenage drivers isn’t shocking because boys across the United States pay an average of 92 percent more for car insurance compared to older male drivers.

Girls pay an average of 72 percent more for their car insurance premiums compared to older female drivers.

Declines as Teens Age

Most teens here know that their Central Oregon Car Insurance policies will cost them less money as they grow older because, older teenage drivers give car insurance companies more confidence because, they will see the teen as an experience driver.

Across the United States we know that car insurance premiums decrease by as much as 96 percent for teens who are age 16 and 58 percent for teenagers who have reached the age of 18.

What Other States Are Affected?

It wasn’t just Utah that was affected by high car insurance premiums for its teenage drivers, the same problem can also be found in Illinois, Rhode Island and Connecticut where teen drivers pay more for car insurance than their older contemporaries.


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