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Central Oregon Car Insurance News – Saving Money on Car Insurance Is Easy In Oregon, What About Detroit?

detroit car insurance savings

Oregon residents have enjoyed affordable Central Oregon Car Insurance premiums for years and when you rank Oregon with other states in the nation we’ve paid the lowest rates for car insurance every year.

In Detroit car insurance is something that’s been a burden there and the average resident of Detroit pays over $5,000 for car insurance each year.

Ideas for Making Car Insurance More Affordable in Detroit

Thanks to Detroit’s new mayor Mike Duggan the city is coming up with fresh ideas to help Detroit residents save money on car insurance including starting a new city owned car insurance company that will help residents save money on their car insurance premiums.

Bringing People Back To Detroit

Duggan’s idea isn’t that farfetched because, he developed a city owned company to help physicians lower their medical costs so it’s likely that if Duggan’s plan to develop a city owned car insurance company works this will bring many people back to Detroit who have left over the years.

Rough Road Ahead

The only catch with the Mayor of Detroit’s plan to create a city owned car insurance company is that under Michigan law a car insurance company has to have at least $7.5 million worth of capital to get started so it might be a while until he’s able to get such a company started.

Save Money on Car Insurance in Oregon

Thankfully it’s still easy for drivers to save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance if they take simple steps to lower their premiums by: driving fewer miles per year, car-pooling more, bundling their car insurance premium with other insurance policies and ask for car insurance discounts.

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