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Central Oregon Car Insurance News – How to Save Money during Your 2014 Road Trip


Spring Break is right around the corner and many drivers who have Central Oregon Car Insurance will be planning on hitting the road for their annual Spring Break road trip but the reality is that spring break can get expensive if you don’t plan your road trip properly.

Vehicle Maintenance

Before hitting the Central Oregon roads in your car or truck make sure that its maintenance is up to date because if you haven’t done any routine maintenance to your vehicle in a while you will be spending more money on gasoline than you originally anticipated.

You should do the following for your vehicle:

  • Get a tune up.
  • Change your vehicles oil.
  • Rotate and balance your tires.
  • Replace old and worn out tires.
  • Add fuel system treatment to your gas tank.

Also, before going on your 2014 Road Trip make sure that your Central Oregon Car Insurance policy is up to date because, it’s very easy to leave home after forgetting to make your car insurance payment and you will realize only too late that it’s expired if you get into a car accident while on the road.

High Gas Prices

When planning a road trip it’s always best to anticipate high gas prices, especially when driving through California, so if you see online that gas prices are $3.36 per gallon you should factor in $4 per gallon for gas that way you will never go over when spending money on gasoline and you will have more than enough fuel for your trip.

Another gas saving tactic is to also take as few stops as possible during your road trip because, going out of your way to a destination while you are on your road trip will only increase your gas bill while stopping at rest stops along the way can still provide you with the break that you need and they are less expensive.

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