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Central Oregon Car Insurance News – Ride Sharing Services Creating Problems across Oregon and United States

ride sharing


Drivers who have Central Oregon Car Insurance may also be familiar with the concept of ride sharing since it’s something that’s starting to catch on in cities across the United States but, it with this solution also comes new challenges that are only now starting to come to light as more accidents have occurred recently when someone was behind the wheel of a vehicle that they are ride sharing.

Car Insurance Woes

Although most ride sharing companies do carry liability car insurance policy that provides $1 million dollars in coverage, the newness of the ride sharing industry has brought many challenges because, insurers aren’t sure how to find out what to charge people who use rise sharing services daily, weekly, or monthly and this is leaving the industry open to the possibility of fraud because, more people are using the rise sharing industry and taking advantage of loopholes in the system.

Solution to the Problem?

One solution that users of ride share services have come up with is creating a Peer Rideshare Insurance Coalition with the hopes that this will provide more affordable car insurance options for people who use ride sharing services but most Central Oregon Car Insurance and other major car insurance companies across the United States are still urging anyone who uses a ride sharing service to make sure that they have their own personal car insurance that they can fall back on in case they get into a car accident.

High Cost of Not Having Car Insurance

Let’s say that you don’t have your own personal Central Oregon Car Insurance policy and you use a ride sharing service then get into a car accident, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars in damages to the drivers and passengers in the other vehicle plus your own medical bills and expenses if your ride sharing company doesn’t have a policy that will cover all of your insurance costs.

Ultimately your decision to use a ride sharing service is up to you, if you’re not driving your own vehicle because you feel that Central Oregon Car Insurance is too expensive call us today at (541) 318-8835 for a free car insurance quote so you can see how affordable it is to have car insurance in Central Oregon. 

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