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Central Oregon Car Insurance News – Premiums Up By 3% across United States

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Central Oregon Car Insurance is still affordable in Oregon but, sadly, car insurance has gone up by at least 3% in every state, including in Michigan where it rose almost 10% in the last year and Georgia where car insurance premiums rose by close to 6%.

Why Are Premiums Going Up?

Thanks to the report we know that car insurance premiums have risen in many states for a variety of reasons including natural disasters.

In a recent interview, Perr & Knight CEO Tim Perr said this about rising car insurance premiums “the country-wide auto coverage rise is likely due to repair costs rising with inflation (the 2013 national inflation rate was 1.6%, according to government figures”.

How To Do You Lower Your Central Oregon Car Insurance Premium?

If you feel that your Central Oregon Car Insurance premium is high you can lower your car insurance payments simply by doing the following:

  • Pay annually versus monthly.
  • Drive fewer miles per year.
  • Bundle your car insurance with your other policies.
  • Ask for car insurance discounts.
  • Maintain good credit.
  • Drive safely.

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