Central Oregon Car Insurance News: More Parents Fronting Their Child’s Car Insurance Policy

central oregon car insurance fronting

One of the worst things that you can do to save money on Central Oregon Car Insurance, especially if you have a teenage driver in your family is to lie to your insurance company and claim that you are the primary driver on your child’s car insurance policy.

Parents who lie to their insurance companies is not new, this trend is actually growing bigger, at least in the United Kingdom, where it was recently revealed that are least on in six parents is lying to their car insurance company to save themselves money on their child’s car insurance.

Don’t Think About Fronting

What is “fronting”? This popular trend occurs when a parent will list themselves as the primary driver on their child’s Central Oregon Car Insurance policy to avoid having to pay the monthly premium that comes from insuring a teenage driver.

Not only is fronting illegal, it’s also very dangerous for the family of the teenage driver because, if a teenage driver is found to not be the primary driver of their vehicle, and the authorities learn that the parent was fronting, the parents and the driver can face severe penalties including lawsuits and crippling financial complications.

How to Save Money

You can save money on your child’s Central Oregon Car Insurance policy simply by doing the following:

  • Ask your child to enroll in a safe driver program
  • Encourage your child to get good grades
  • Advise your child to enroll in community programs to help the elderly or less fortunate
  • Teach accident awareness to your child so they know just how to avoid getting into a car accident.

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